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5 -  Army Green
6 -  Burgundy
7 -  Florescent Yellow
8 -  Red

9 -  White
10 - Bright Orange
​11 - Blue

1 -  Florescent Red
2 -  Yellow
3 -  Black
4 -  Tan

LOC Precision is fortunate to have MARK LOSE in house. MARK was trained by the US NAVY PARACHUTE RIGGING SCHOOL in Lakehurst, NJ. He served proudly in DESERT STORM and to our knowledge is the only trained rigger making parachutes for the hobby rocket industry. In addition to making parachutes for the hobby, Mark has made parachutes for government and defense contractors during his work here at LOC. If you have a special project that demands the best available recovery, Mark is your man. Custom colors and even custom designs are available.

The textile manufacturers of Rip-Stop nylon for the parachute and balloon industry have left the US and all of our traditional suppliers have recently closed.

Custom colors are becoming hard to locate in reasonable quantities. Minimum orders of 2000 meters are now the norm in the rip-stop nylon industry.

We have been fortunate to acquire a good selection of stock colors and hope this industry will grow to the point where we can comfortably purchase a large selection of colors in these quantities. For now, these are the colors we have in stock. Colors may be unavailable, check to be sure we have what you need.


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LOC ANGEL Parachutes


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ANGEL Parachutes - Professional Rocket Recovery

 XS, S, M and Drogue

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Current Colors Available  (NUMBER 7 FLORESCENT YELLOW IS GONE - can not get more)